Welcome to the official NovaWars Store!

A little about us..

The community of NovaWars is filled with several induviduals who have an amazing insight into the server and what it has to offer. We have specific rules put in place to ensure all players on the server are treated equally with respect, professionalism and equality. This store is only for purchases In-Game and you will not receive any perks out of our network. We encourage all players to support the server, wether that be by donating, in order for us to upgrade hardware and memory, or voting In-Game to get our server well known in the Minecraft community.


Questions and Answers


How long will orders take to complete?

The typical buycraft purchase will usually take a maxium of 30 minutes to register on the server, however if you do not receive your purchase within 30 minutes of purchasing, i would advise you contact a member of staff In-Game or take a look at our contact details below and speak to a member of our Management team.

If i am not happy with my order can i apply for a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any refunds for items brought on the buycraft store, this is due to some users will buy the item they want, For example, a pet. They will use the pet, and somehow loose it, and then apply for a refund. We can not then take the item away from the user as they have already lost it. All purchases made on the store will be final and no refunds will be given out under any circumstances. If you do attempt to get a refund by chargeback, you will be permanantly banned from the server without a chance of being unbanned whatsoever.

If i am not happy with my order can i exchange an item for another?

Similarly to the question above, we can not exchange items for another item on the store as it will create a mixture of logs for the store, and if you ever do have any issues, it will show a wrong order if you have changed it, thus could cause several issues. If you have purchased the wrong item from the store, the only option you have is to attempt to exchange the item for another item In-Game with another user.


Terms and Conditions :

  • We offer a strict no-refund policy. This means that no transaction will be refunded under any circumstances. You agree to this by accepting our terms and conditions before every purchase and any attempt at regaining the funds via fraudulent disputes will have your account permanently banished from any and all of our services.


  • If another player purchases something for you and you do not ask us to remove it from your account, you are held liable in the event that the player disputes the transaction, so please refrain from accepting donations/gifts from people you do not trust.


Contact Us:

Official discord server : https://discord.gg/Qq63ggR

Add InstantzZHD on discord : InstantzZHD#0142



Please note we are not affiliated with mojang AB in any way shape or form, Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang AB