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About Us

The community of Nova Wars is a very welcoming community and we love to welcome all players who are here to have fun, and look for a server to have an experience to remember. We have specific rules put in place to ensure all players on the server are treated equally with respect, professionalism and equality. This virtual store is for donations only and you will only receive perks In-Game and you will not receive any perks out of our network. We encourage all players to support the server, whether that be by donating, which will support us upgrading the server, or voting In-Game using /vote to get some rewards, as well as helping our server out!

Common Questions And Answers

How long will orders take to complete? 

The average purchase will usually take a maximum of 30 minutes to register on the server, however if you do not receive your purchase within 30 minutes of purchasing, we advise you to contact a member of staff In-Game or take a look at our contact details below and speak to a member of our Management team. Before finalizing a purchase, make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username as we are unable to transfer packages to different users. If you are unable to get on the Nova Wars network, you'll receive your items the next time you log in (even if this is 1 week later).  

If i am not happy with my order can I apply for a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any refunds for items brought on the tebex webstore, this is due to several users purchasing the item they want, An example being, a token of some sort. They will use the token, loose or misplace it, and then apply for a refund. We can not then take the item away from the user as they have already lost it. All purchases made on the store will be final and no refunds will be given out under any circumstances. If you attempt to get a refund by unlawful ways, such as a chargeback, it is highly discouraged as we take it very seriously. All attempted ways of getting a refund will result in an IP ban from our network. A further Legal investigation regarding the refund may take place. 

If i am not happy with my order can I exchange an item for another?

Similarly to the question above, we can not exchange items for another item on the store as it will create a mixture of logs for the store, and if you ever do have any issues, it will show a wrong order if you have changed it, thus could cause several issues. If you have purchased the wrong item from the store, the only given option you have is to attempt to exchange the item for another item with another user using the safe trade system In-Game. Users who attempt to scam an item from another user which has been purchased on the store (with sufficient proof), the user is subjecting themselves to be able to receive a punishment which is likely to be a permanent banishment from all of our services.

What form of currency do you use, and what platform is used?

Currently, all purchases are processed through Paypal and Paypal Express. Keep in mind that payments made via e-cheque can take up to 14 days to process. For security reasons packages will not be provided until your e-cheque has cleared. All purchases are made using the currency of USD (United States Dollar). We do not accept virtual currency such as Bitcoin.


Contact Us: 

Website : http://www.novawars.net

Forums : http://forums.novawars.net

Official Discord : https://discord.gg/NhvH63R 

Add Firosee on discord : @Firosee 🌲#0142




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